Biochar Workshop – Elmore Victoria

Biochar learning in the bush.

We recently attended a biochar workshop held in Elmore Victoria, Australia. The 2 day event run by the Kyneton Transition Hub and Bendigo Sustainability Group attracted a diverse crowd with a range of experience in the production and use of biochar.

Dr Stephen Joseph and Dr Paul Taylor ran proceedings and shared their knowledge. Attendees were treated to some of the latest findings in biochar research as well as some “hands on” practical experience in the making of biochar mixes, types of kilns and ways to make biochar, end uses and the benefits of biochar as a soil conditioner/fertiliser.

Biochar is an interesting topic in Australia, the benefits have not been proven to mainstream agriculture as yet and until it is, biochar wont be taken seriously. So far, it’s been the increasing number of small producers and groups like Kyneton and Bendigo that have been spreading the word and sharing the knowledge.

I must give my thanks to the organisers of this event. The hospitality shown was awesome, there was great food and plenty of it, good company (and a couple of beers) around the campfire on the Sat night and a warm swag and tent to keep the Elmore chill out during the night. Thanks very much guys!