Integrating biochar into Australian farms & industry


australian made pyrolysis systems

Energy Farmers was established in 2010 by a farmer and engineer. We saw an opportunity for farmers to utilise organic waste streams to create energy and by-products that are good for the planet and the bottom line.

Since inception we have been developing pyrolysis technology and trialing the use of biochar in horticulture, agriculture and with industry. We have also been engaging with industry and forming relationships with a wide range of stakeholders.

Whether you have a problematic organic waste stream, an energy requirement or looking for more sustainable products, we can help you design and develop a cost effective solution.

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Upcycle Organic Waste

Is your waste stream a low value commodity or even costing you money? Our pyrolysis systems can turn most organic wastes into biochar, a carbon rich, high value product that is good for soils and the planet.

Organic Waste Reduction

Do you have an abundance of organic waste or a waste you can’t get rid of? Our pyrolysis systems can reduce waste volumes by about 60%, we also have experience in the handling of difficult to handle waste streams.