Energy Farmers Australia builds WA’s first mobile biochar kiln

WA’s First Mobile Biochar Kiln

Energy Farmers Australia is pleased to announce the development of our first mobile biochar kiln. The kiln has been in the pipeline for well over a year and we have just finished construction. We are in the process of commissioning the unit and expect to have it operating in the next couple of months.

This unit is mobile and will process approx. 200-300 kg/hour. Initially we will use it to produce biochar for field trials and to demonstrate bioenergy technology to farmers and farmer groups throughout WA.

How the Biochar Kiln Works

The process uses a diesel burner to heat the chamber, we then introduce biomass via a single screw auger. As the biomass moves along the chamber it heats and the gases bound up in the biomass are released. Initially, we will flare the gases however, we plan to utilise the gas to produce electricity during the next phase. We have a number of thermocouples throughout the kiln to monitor the temperature. We also have the ability to introduce water to the kiln which we can use to regulate the operating temperature and to quench the char.

Building the Knowledge of Biochar

We will be testing the process with a range of different feedstocks to determine biochar quality, yield and energy output. We are in the process of identifying markets for the biochar however, in the shorter term we will be offering the char to farmers, farmer groups and other interested parties to conduct trial work. This trial work will be invaluable going forward and important to the uptake of biochar production and the development of the biochar/bioenergy industry. We are also developing a life cycle assessment of the biochar kiln process, investigating the carbon farming opportunities under the Carbon Farming Initiative and seeking environmental approvals.

Energy Farmers intends to keep the agriculture and bioenergy community informed about the development of the kiln through updates on our website, the International Biochar Initiative and Bioenergy Australia. You can also contact us to find out more information.