Energy Farmers presents at Bioenergy Australia’s annual conference.

We were pleased to be invited to present at Bioenergy Australia’s annual conference held in Melbourne on the 25th-27th of November. Our presentation covered the work we have been doing in the bioenergy space and the vision we have as participants in the industry.

Biomass projects are complex, needing a lot of different aspects to come together to ensure project success. Financing these projects is an issue, long development times mean that investors get fatigued and look for alternatives. To really ramp up the industry these issues need to be ironed out, policy that fast track project development would also help.

In the future supply chains will be crucial, feedstock supply, harvesting, handling and transport will need to be solid to provide the large amounts of biomass that these projects will need. We are working to build the capacity of farmers so they are in a position to do this when the opportunity arises.

See our slideshow presentation below to see some more information or contact us to learn more.