Release of carbon farming initiative positive and negative list consultation paper.

The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency released the positive and negative list discussion paper for the Carbon Farming Initiative yesterday.

The positive list identifies activities that would be considered additional and eligible to participate in the scheme while the negative list identifies activities that are ineligible in certain circumstances because they risk adverse impacts on communities and the environment.

The consultation paper provides an opportunity for stakeholders to comment on the approach to developing the positive and negative lists and to propose activities for consideration. All Submissions are due on 30th June.

See the full report here.


About the Author:

Euan Beamont is Co-Founder/Director of Energy Farmers Australia. From a rural background Euan has always had a strong connection to the land and is very passionate about the sustainability of agriculture. Euan believes that a carbon price is a good thing for agriculture and will enable farmers to change to more sustainable farming practices and move away from their reliance on fossil based energy.
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