New Carbon Farming Methodologies Open for Comment

Two new Carbon Farming Initiative methodologies have been released for public comment by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. The methodologies are:

Reforestation and afforestation

This methodology proposal involves the reforestation of cleared land and afforestation on land where no forests previously existed in order to sequester carbon.

  • The project activity involves establishing trees through direct means, such as hand-planting seedlings, machine-planting seedlings, or direct seeding
  • The project activity occurs on lands that were clear of non-project trees for at least the five years preceding commencement and no non-project trees are removed in order to undertake the project activity
  • Can be comprised of a single tree species, or a mix of tree species
  • Trees within the project area cannot be harvested

Native Forest Protection

This methodology applies to the establishment of projects to protect native forests through the prevention of clearing and clear-felling harvesting activities.

The establishment of native forest protection projects is intended to prevent the emissions generated through business-as-usual logging practises, and to maintain and enhance the carbon stocks in native forests. Such projects have the additional benefits of enhancing local biodiversity, diversifying landowners’ income and maintaining aesthetic and recreational values of the forest.

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About the Author:

Euan Beamont is Co-Founder/Director of Energy Farmers Australia. From a rural background Euan has always had a strong connection to the land and is very passionate about the sustainability of agriculture. Euan believes that a carbon price is a good thing for agriculture and will enable farmers to change to more sustainable farming practices and move away from their reliance on fossil based energy.
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