Keep an open mind on carbon farming.

It was with some interest when I read an article on E farming’s website titled “Farmer group warns of new carbon trading”.

Urging farmers to act with caution is good advice; farmers do need to understand the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) and the obligations that come with undertaking projects under the scheme. However, saying that farmers reject a carbon economy is really burying your head in the sand and not looking at the opportunities that will come in the longer term.

Permanence is an issue under the CFI however, this only applies to biosequestration projects (i.e. planting trees) and potentially soil carbon projects. Other activities under the CFI such as methane reduction in piggeries (biogas) and fertiliser management are not subject to this obligation.

I think farmers are smart enough not to tie up productive land for 100 years but I also know every farmer has that patch of dirt that does not perform, no matter what they do with it. At least now they can take that land out of the system, plant a few trees and get paid to do it. Seems like common sense to me, a win for the farmer and the environment.

Let’s not get too scared of a price on carbon, it’s a necessary evil that will, in the longer term enable us as farmers to transition away from our reliance of fossil fuels and move toward more sustainable farming systems.


About the Author:

Euan Beamont is Co-Founder/Director of Energy Farmers Australia. From a rural background Euan has always had a strong connection to the land and is very passionate about the sustainability of agriculture. Euan believes that a carbon price is a good thing for agriculture and will enable farmers to change to more sustainable farming practices and move away from their reliance on fossil based energy.
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  1. Pathmaker  March 30, 2012

    for those of us who are not directly involved in agriculture, we don’t really understand fully, the environmental stewardship and responsibility farmers implement – or will need to implement in the future.
    So hope that with your experience and business, you’re capitalising on your intellectual property and seeing it as a commodity and selling it overseas!
    Is it possible for your site to include a document about a glossary of terms perhaps would be beneficial. There’s so much ‘carbon tax’, ‘carbon credits’, ‘carbon…this and that’ – hence for the layman like myself – we get really confused with the messages being sent out by social media outlets – about pricing, benefits, offsets and possibilities. (love your website and would love to know more).

    • Euan  April 12, 2012

      Hey Janeo,

      Thanks for your comments. Your actually lucky, I get about 30 msgs a day and they are all spam, it was only luck that I saw yours before I deleted the days trash. I do need to get up to speed on a glossary of terms and FAQ’s but there is only so much you can say publically about all the spin out there, I dont want to turn potential customers i.e. farmers off. In saying that I will take your comments on board and do my best to update the site.

      Lets talk on skype soon