Cripps Mallee Tree

Energy Farmers Australia and its partners can help you develop your carbon offset project under the Carbon Farming Initiative.

If you are a farmer or farmer group, indigenous land owner, manage a landfill site or involved in land management and based in Western Australian, we can work with you to establish your carbon project and take your carbon to market.

Methodologies eligible under the CFI include:
  • Environmental plantings
  • Destruction of methane generated from piggeries
  • Avoided emissions from legacy waste deposited in landfill
  • Savanna Burning
Energy Farmers can:
  • Assess the eligibility of your project under the CFI regulations
  • Register you as an offset entity and register your project under the CFI
  • Carry out project reporting and administration
  • Aggregation and brokerage
In addition to this we conduct:
  • Carbon audits
  • Plantation design and establishment
And through our service providers we can offer:
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Tree supply
  • Plantation management

For more information on the Carbon Farming Initiative and how to get involved Contact us.