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Energy Farmers Australia is working to develop bioenergy projects in Australia. We partner with you and other stakeholders to design and develop projects that utilise a biomass resource or waste stream to produce energy and nutrient & carbon rich by-products.

What is bioenergy?

Bioenergy is energy derived from organic matter or biological sources such as plants and animals. Often bioenergy is made from wastes, or from by-products of existing processes i.e. wheat straw from cropping or manure from piggeries.

Waste suitable for bioenergy

  • Agricultural residues (including straw and manures)
  • Council wastes (green waste & MSW)
  • Commercial & industrial wastes
  • Food wastes
  • Energy crops such as Mallee

Bioenergy technologies

There are a number of existing and emerging technologies that can recover the energy from waste and organic matter. We partner with technology providers and offer a complete service. We work with you to scope, design and deliver solutions that recover energy from problematic waste streams to meet onsite power requirements. We specialise in:

Benefits of bioenergy

Bioenergy projects offer you a range of benefits including:

  • A potential alternative income stream
  • Value adding your wastes
  • Thermal and electrical energy
  • Nutrient rich by-products
  • Alternative weed control
  • Reduced burning of crop residues
  • Carbon credit potential under the Carbon Farming Initiative
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Being part of a new and exciting industry.

Our projects:

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