Farmers in a growing market

Today I read a report that multinational companies such as Walt Disney are already taking the initiative, moving toward sustainability and are in the market for quality carbon offsets.

Disney has been measuring their emissions since 2006 and has a long term goal to achieve zero net direct greenhouse gas emissions.

To achieve this goal, Disney has implemented energy management systems which avoid and reduce emissions through efficiency, are moving into low carbon fuels to run their massive fleet and finally, investing in “high-quality” carbon offsets to cover their remaining emissions.

Disney has invested $15.5 million in carbon offsets since 2009, mainly in reforestation projects, these projects are similar to the ones farmers will be able to establish under the Carbon Farming Initiative. The company has also implemented a waste management plan and aims to reduce waste to landfill by 50% of 2006 levels by 2013.

These findings have come from Walt Disney’s, 2010 Corporate Citizens Report and it shows that there is already a global market for carbon offsets, driven by an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer.

Australian companies such as Qantas, Billabong and Telstra are all measuring their carbon footprints and are moving toward carbon neutrality. This market will continue to grow despite a price on carbon and Australian farmers can benefit by providing credible offsets through the Carbon Farming Initiative.


About the Author:

Euan Beamont is Co-Founder/Director of Energy Farmers Australia. From a rural background Euan has always had a strong connection to the land and is very passionate about the sustainability of agriculture. Euan believes that a carbon price is a good thing for agriculture and will enable farmers to change to more sustainable farming practices and move away from their reliance on fossil based energy.
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