New Carbon Farming Methodologies Open for Comment

Two new Carbon Farming Initiative methodologies have been released for public comment by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. The methodologies are:

Reforestation and afforestation

This methodology proposal involves the reforestation of cleared land and afforestation on land where no forests previously existed in order to sequester carbon.

  • The project activity involves establishing trees through direct means, such as hand-planting seedlings, machine-planting seedlings, or direct seeding
  • The project activity occurs on lands ...
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Environmental Plantings Methadology Approved

The Federal Government announced today that the Environmental Plantings methodology under the Carbon Farming Initiative has been approved.

What this announcement means is that finally farmers and land managers across Australia will be able to generate extra income by planting of permanent stands of native forest trees, something most farmers have been doing for years.


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