Carbon farming

Biochar Workshop – Elmore Victoria

Biochar learning in the bush.

We recently attended a biochar workshop held in Elmore Victoria, Australia. The 2 day event run by the Kyneton Transition Hub and Bendigo Sustainability Group attracted a diverse crowd with a range of experience in the production and use of biochar.

Dr Stephen Joseph and Dr Paul Taylor ran proceedings and shared their knowledge. Attendees were treated to some of the latest findings in biochar research as well as some “hands on” practical ...

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New Carbon Farming Methodologies Open for Comment

Two new Carbon Farming Initiative methodologies have been released for public comment by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. The methodologies are:

Reforestation and afforestation

This methodology proposal involves the reforestation of cleared land and afforestation on land where no forests previously existed in order to sequester carbon.

  • The project activity involves establishing trees through direct means, such as hand-planting seedlings, machine-planting seedlings, or direct seeding
  • The project activity occurs on lands ...
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Carbon Farming Begins Business

The Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) Administrator has been appointed and the CFI is now operational which will allow land managers, farmers and landfill operators to participate in carbon markets.

The Government has taken industry views into account in making regulations for:

  • the Australian National Registry of Emission Units which will support both the Carbon Farming Initiative and the carbon pricing mechanism;
  • An initial list of activities which will be eligible under the CFI once technical methodologies are ...
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Get in behind.

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) and Sheep & Meat Producers Australia have released a report stating that sheep and meat producers in Australia will endure a 16 percent loss in business revenue under the Government’s proposed carbon tax. You can access the full article and report here.

I encourage groups like NFF and for all members of the farming industry to carry out these types of studies however, I believe that this particular study is a little off the mark ...

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