Glenvar Harvest Direct – A bioenergy and weed management tool

The emerging bioenergy industry will create opportunities for farmers to control weeds as farmers look at efficient and cost effective ways to capture biomass such as wheat straw to feed bioenergy projects. In the process, machines like the Glenvar Harvest Direct could be the tool that farmers use to not only harvest this resource but remove weeds seeds from paddocks as well.

Currently most farmers either lay the crop residue in rows and burn it, or use chaff carts to capture ...

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Wheat straw for bioenergy

A case for wheat straw for bioenergy!

West Australian agricultural cropping systems have wheat straw in abundance and at the moment we are not utilising this resource to our and our communities’ advantage. Wheat straw for bioenergy is a feasible option and Energy Farmers is working to develop projects that use wheat straw for bioenergy.

Current situation

Most farmers in Western Australia are cropping year in year out. Wheat, canola and lupins grown in rotation gives farmers the option of using alternative chemicals ...

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Energy Farmers Company Overview


Energy Farmers Overview

We are  working with stakeholders to ramp up the bioenergy industry in Australia. Our view is that we need to build the confidence of farmers and feedstock suppliers in bioenergy technology, develop biomass supply chains and ultimately be in a position to supply large amounts of biomass to future bioenergy and biofuels projects across Australia.

For now we are developing small on site solutions that use wastes resources to ...

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The future is now – John Deere to develop a tractor to run on 100% veg oil

John Deere Germany has launched a new biofuels project (Praxtrax) that aims to develop a tractor that will run on 100% vegetable oil.

While this move will have its own issues in terms of the food for fuel debate, it highlights the fact that the world is moving to more sustainable supplies of fuel and energy.

Our vision at Energy Farmers Australia is that farmers are at the forefront of this emerging bioenergy industry and use their currently underused resources such as ...

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Farmers & aviation biofuels!

Farmers fueling flights – aviation biofuels.

Its exciting future for agriculture and the potential farmers have, to produce aviation biofuels. Richard Branson’s Virgin Australia have announced a consortium with Renewable Oil Corporation (ROC), Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation (DYMTF) and Future Farm Industries Co-operative Research Centre (FFI CRC) to develop sustainable aviation biofuels with benefits. Benefits from these types of projects will flow to the Australian farming community and the environment.


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